Have you ever wondered if there was a better alternative to the traditional system of education?

Montessori is the answer!

Progressive and yet time-tested, it is the premiere learning method weaving together Language, Math, Science, Geography, Practical Life and Sensorial Activities. It accomplishes this by teaching the way the brain works.

Contrary to the factory method of education where children are trapped in desks and rote memorization of facts is considered success, Montessori seamlessly blends subjects together with deep respect to the individual learning journey a child may be pursuing.

The brain learns through the hands. Crucial to the Montessori method are Montessori Materials. These are specially designed development play based manipulatives that challenge children to solve a puzzle, build a specific shape, match items, construct a difficult sequence and more. Each Montessori Material functions on different levels starting with the easy and progressing to the more difficult. The teacher serves as a guide observing when the student is ready for the next step and engaging in problem solving assistance when needed.

The Classroom is referred to as a Prepared Environment because it is sculpted daily by the teacher who has observed what Montessori Materials are important to begin introducing for the class as a group, or for the individual learner. No two Prepared Environments are the same! Each teacher structures their classroom schedule based on the principles of the classroom as a community of responsible citizens. There are opportunities for group time as well as dedication to the quiet learning of the individual.

Montessori is known as a curriculum built upon these foundations of the Prepared Environment, specialized Montessori Materials, and a sensitive observant teacher guiding each student. Woven together, these threads support optimum learning and often yield astonishing results.

This fantastic video from Trevor Eissler does an amazing job of explaining exactly what makes Montessori special. Fun to watch!

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