About Maria Montessori

Dr. Maria Montessori- a woman of great insight, intellect, and observational genius- began developing the Montessori philosophy in the early 1900s. As the first female pediatric physician in Italy, she followed her intellectual instincts to better understand how children learned and developed.

Why did some children do better than others? How could a teacher and classroom become more conducive to learning? How does the brain work?

From these profound Child Development questions, Dr. Montessori discovered keys to learning which form the basis of a Montessori education today. Through her years of experience with children around the world, Dr. Montessori proved that children are able to learn to read, write and calculate as easily and naturally as they learn to walk and talk.

Her brain-based research is now over 100 years old and has withstood the test of time- evidence of the essential truth that Montessori is the answer.

Spanning from birth to adolescence, Dr. Maria Montessori’s observations, technique, and teachings are passionately pursued here at Village Montessori Center. A child at Village Montessori Center is part of a living history of education that is changing the world.

To learn more about Dr. Maria Montessori, we invite you to visit www.mariamontessori.com.

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